Welcome To ‘IN THE NOW’

photoLisa Broderick is a quantum change expert whose work integrates modern science with spirituality and her own personal experiences.

She offers a unique approach for understanding consciousness by explaining not who we are, but what we are.

Lisa’s work is for people around the world interested in why things happen to them. She integrates supernatural phenomena, spirituality and modern science to explain why things happen to people, so that they can live more successful lives.  She writes and teaches principles that help rationalize why things happen in ways that are easy to understand, encouraging and ultimately uplifting for anyone in search of answers.

What Lisa shares comes from a lifetime of extraordinary abilities as a result of having supernatural experiences.   She has begun using her knowledge and abilities to help others live lives of purpose and presence, both personally and in business.  Her work quantum leaps individuals to higher levels of consciousness, heightened perception and inspired creativity because they learn answers to the questions they have about their lives.