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The BizCrashCourse uses four modules to alchemize your business.  Hand-held by expert Lisa Broderick, you complete each module of the Biz Crash Course one after another.  No matter where you are in the world, Lisa will over the phone personally giude you to complete each of these modules over the course of 90 days or less.  Once each module is complete, you receive your unique, written Plan to be used with partners, employees and even outside investors to professionally present your business and its incredible potential.

Module 1:  Strategic Plan
Your Strategic Plan Module will take you through the classic, complete strategic planning process from Where You Are, Where You Want to Be and How You Will Do It by interactively filling out the components of the Plan, guided by expert Lisa Broderick.

Module 2:  Tactical Plan
The Tactical Plan Module follows the Strategic Plan and itemizes all of the To Do’s that come out of the Strategic Planning Module.  Given to you as a calendar, it shows you exactly what you need to accomplish each week in order to achieve your Strategic Plan.

Module 3:  Snapshot Business Plan
In the Snapshot Business Plan Module you list your Mission, your Vision, your Values, all about your Clients and Competition, your Marketing Plan, Financials and all the reasons why someone would buy your product.  Perfect for planning or for outside investors, the  Snapshot Business Plan Module demonstrates that you know everything there is to know about your business and how to make it happen.

Module 4:  Sales Strategy
After the other Modules are done, it’s time to revv up your sales by fine tuning your Sales Strategy.   Answering questions like, “What do you want?”   “How many customers?”,   “What are you looking to do?”, “What is it that you want to sell?” and “What is different about you or it?”  your perfect sales strategy and wording fall into place.  At the end of this Module, you are a One-Person Sales Force effectively selling yourself and your business to anyone who wants it.

Business Alchemy

Whether you have a small business or are just starting one, get it right in as little as 90 days.

The Investment:
For just $995—paid over 3 months at $331 each—you are hand-held through the complete transformation of your business.  Get the the high-powered tools only available to Big Businesses with huge staffs.

What you get:
1.  90 day interactive Four Module program with personal hand-holding through each Module
2.  6 individualized 30-minute telephone sessions with Lisa Broderick
3.  Fully customized, unique, complete, written Plans which are:

  • Strategy Plan   (10+ pages)
  • Tactical Plan  (interactive calendar)
  • Snapshot Business Plan
  • Sales Strategy

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