Money Isn’t the Root of All Evil: It’s Simply Energy


On the subject of money. We’ve all had experiences where we, or people around us have chosen money over friendship, over love. When we do that, we end up with a lot of money, but without love in our lives, with emptiness. It’s funny though, money can always be made back. When we choose love in our lives, we may not end up with a lot of money, but we end up with fulfillment in our lives. Feeling fulfilled. We end up with love in our lives. It’s also interesting, that those moments of love, that we lost, due to choosing money over love, can never be made back. They’re simply gone.

Third point is, money is simply energy. The universe is made of energy. We direct energy with our minds, with our thoughts. So really, we could just, make more money or we can just make or love. It’s all in our minds, we choose.

All of which means money isn’t the root of all evil–but the love of money may be. Lisa Broderick, Quantist, Author, Speaker and Turnaround Expert …

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