Intuition and Being In the Now: Upcoming Telesummit on Your Soul’s Journey


I’m thrilled to be included in Jennifer Weber’s new telesummit on intuition–Transform Your Life by Using Your Divinely Given Intuition.  It will air beginning October 9th, and include so many wonderful speakers all giving their knowledge and insights on the topic of intuition.  In our time together, we covered the nature of thoughts, what is reality and what is consciousness–just to name a few!   So tune in, we’ll be providing the link just as soon as it becomes available.

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Celebrating Getting Alchemized in Business

I spent some time this afternoon with a young client who was just starting out when we began working together a few months ago.  And today on the phone he told me all about how his first real month of sales went, and how excited he was that his dream business was working out.  I remembered that when we first talked months ago, I had him dream his life “forward” so that he could know where he wanted to get to.  And then we talked about all the things that needed to happen to get there.  Well many of those things already happened that he dreamed about that day, and I’m certain it’s because he knew where he wanted to go.  Getting there was just the process of Alchemizing his business so it could support his dreams.

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As Above So Below: Ancient Wisdom Simply Explained Video Series

Is what we see as the outer world influenced by our inner thoughts, our “inner world”?  In this video, we explore how our inner life generates our outer life.  In ancient times it was said, “As Above, So Below”.  This video takes that one step further to explain, “As within, so without”.   Lisa Broderick, Quantist, Author, Speaker and Turnaround Expert …

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