You’re In a Video Game Called Life–Now What?

Lightening Bolt Hands

What if the Matrix is true, or some version of it?

What if when when we’re born, we are born into a human body, but we’re not our body.  It’s like we’re an avatar in a video game called “Life”.   I live each day as though this is reality.  What it means is that the disasters, tragedies, setbacks and scary situations are all just like I would find in a video game.  But because I know I can’t die, I live through each of those experiences without fear that, “this is the end.”  To me, there is no end.  Like Neo in the Matrix, when our bodies die we just wake up.  And then we have the chance to incarnate into a new body and live a new lifetime of joy and sorrow, triumphs and tragedies, love and loss.  And just to make things interesting, I start my day with thunderbolts coming out of my hands and feet ….

Image: The Blytheco Blog

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How To Know You Are Out of Body


I am asked a lot about out of body travel. People read or hear that I have those kinds of experiences and are curious about what it’s like, and whether they can do them too. My answer is, they are like very vivid dreams, except that I know I’m awake. The reason I know this is I have trained myself to ask the question, “Am I dreaming?” When you ask yourself that question enough while you’re awake, then eventually you’ll be having a dream-like experience usually at night and when you should be sleeping, and that same question will cross your mind. When it does, the answer has always been “no”, and that’s how I know I am dreaming when it happens. Then I find myself somewhere other than my bed—for instance 8 inches from the ceiling of my bedroom or in another room of my house. That’s when I know I can do anything—and I mean anything. I can fly, I can walk through walls, I can think of something like an apple and have it appear in my hand.

Over the years I have learned that this is called out of body travel, and it’s something that I and others believe anyone can do. The image here is from my instructor at the Monroe Institute for higher consciousness, William Buhlman. He is one of the leading instructions in out of body travel in the world. He has instructed countless people just like us to travel outside their bodies.

What experiences have you had like this that you remember? I’ll bet you just assumed they were a dream. Well in my experience, they’re not. They are as “real” as you feel while sitting in your chair or looking at your phone right now.

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