What is Disease? Ancient Wisdom Simply Explained Video Series

Have you ever thought about the fact that the word “disease” is actually two words:  “dis”  meaning “not” and “ease”?  And so “disease” simply means “not at ease”.    But what is “disease” really and where do diseases come from?  Do they fly around in the sky and attack you, or do they come from somewhere else, somewhere inside of us?  In this video we explore the spiritual source of disease and what we can all do about our “dis-ease” when it comes into our lives.

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Spiritual Doubt


In the wake of the political sea change here in the US, the topics of fear and doubt come up a lot.  In conversations, people tell me about the changes in their lives–mostly not positive–and then become incredibly afraid.

In speaking with them more, I try to find out what it is they are afraid of.  And what they all eventually say is this:  “I’m afraid I won’t be okay”.

This is the definition of spiritual doubt.

Throughout the history of mankind, religious and spiritual traditions have written and talked at length about spiritual doubt.  But to my knowledge, none has ever distilled it down to one, simple statement.

So what’s the antidote?   The next time you feel overwhelmed by circumstances and what’s going on around you seems too much to handle, just ask yourself this question:  Will I be okay?

You may argue with yourself a bit as you finally come to the answer, but I will bet the answer is always this:  Yes, I will be okay.

And with that, you will have just overcome what spiritual leaders have been trying to teach their followers for millennia.

You will have overcome spiritual doubt.



Image:  FriarMusings

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