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Lisa is a small business expert integrating science with spirituality and her own personal experiences. Lisa helps others create lives of presence and purpose.




Lisa now helps business owners and individuals quantum-leap their success by teaching them to apply the insights of new science.  She has worked with entrepreneurs as well as established professionals and companies including Marshall Goldsmith and GE Capital.  Her approach allows clients to launch businesses and products at the perfect time, obliterate self-doubt, experience consistent creativity, and tap into unlimited resources (including time) for energy and inspiration.

It began with her near-death experience at the age of four, when she discovered she could manipulate time, regularly enter “the zone” athletes utilize for extraordinary achievements, and create what she wanted with her thoughts. She also began to understand physics, which she had never studied before, and how things are created in the universe.

Since very few people come forward to admit they have had these experiences, she just proceeded in life as other girls did, with friends and normal activities and pursuits. She received a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Duke, got married, and started a career as a business and finance consultant, regularly appearing on ABC Network News in New York as a business correspondent.

Her knowledge and abilities accelerated and became simply too hard to ignore. To better understand these abilities, she became a Transcendental Meditation (TM) Siddha and steeped herself in multiple ancient teachings.  She also attended the Monroe Institute for the exploration of expanded states of consciousness and studied imagery and dream reading at the American Institute for Mental Imagery for fifteen years with noted author and teacher of Western Spirituality, Dr. Gerald Epstein.

As a result of her training, she learned how to appreciate, leverage, and share her abilities with others, including experts around the world—particularly her direct knowledge about how our realities are created, what we are as human beings, and how to leverage our hopes and dreams into life realities.

Since that time, Lisa Broderick has spent decades researching modern science and has validated her knowledge using the latest research and scientific theories. Many scientists and human potential experts agree that Lisa’s explanation of how things work in our universe is one of the most thorough and complete they’ve seen, especially in helping everyday people understand and create the lives they truly desire for themselves. Expert physicists have said that Lisa’s perspective is completely coherent and requires no leaps of faith.