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Small Business Expert Lisa Broderick Unveils Alchemy for Successful Companies

October 5th, 2015 – (Jacksonville, FL) – Lisa Broderick, a 25-year expert in small business success, today unveiled her Business Alchemy formula to magically resurrect small companies where other approaches fail.

The Business Alchemy formula has roots in The Law of Attraction which states that whatever energy a company puts out into the world there is a result that directly relates back to it.  This magic approach, when used with small companies whose success or failure is often at the margin, can have the greatest impact imaginable.   A whopping 8 out of every 10 small businesses fail, and an even greater percentage are drains on the personal finances of their owners while contributing little or nothing to the bottom line. Business Alchemy can actually reverse those staggering statistics.

Using Business Alchemy, the company’s founder Lisa Broderick has magically transformed dozens of businesses in a just the past few months.  The seeds for the Alchemy formula were planted by Lisa over the last 25 years by working with hundreds of small companies in nearly every industry.   Before Alchemy, some of those companies succeeded while others failed.   Now, the Business Alchemy formula has been proven to get companies to succeed in 90 days or less.  The reason is that the Alchemy changes the energy of the business by transforming the energy coming off of its small business owners.  It does this using 4 modules which interactively guide the business owner through a rigorous process of self-discovery, much like spiritual discovery.   Hand-held by experts like Lisa, the business owner is able to unlock the energy that will bring about success and change the negative energy that has been holding them back.  At the end of the 4 modules, the business has a complete set of Big Company planning tools that have been customized just for them and provide a roadmap to even greater success.

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About Lisa Broderick

“After nearly 30 years as an entrepreneur and small business owner, I had worked with literally hundreds of small companies as business consultant, CEO CFO and COO.  Having been in the desktop computer, telecommunications, information, e-commerce, manufacturing, hospitality and service industries, I knew how to assess almost any type of business and how well they functioned.  But recently, I realized that the owners themselves suffered from their own personal problems which were impacting the business—not the other way around.

“I conducted a thorough qualitative analysis and found that small company owners were unfocused and unable to gain perspective.   Owners who were unable to let go out of fear and worked their own businesses in the place of qualified employees accounted for 85% of the small companies surveyed.  Companies whose owners needed to control their surroundings by serving as marketing departments, strategists and business planning professionals accounted for 90% of the company population.

“It got worse as I dug deeper. Most small business owners wished for a better life but admitted they did nothing to get that done on a daily basis.  For example, several company owners admitted they knew they were the problem but could not change themselves enough to be successful.  Others believed that something would “magically” happen and change their business forever but they didn’t know what that was.

“Something needed to change for these individuals, and so I turned to the Law of Attraction—something a little outside the scope of business but with hundreds of books and articles written about it, I knew it had value.   I’ve always been a spiritual person, but it’s been an alternate part of my life.   Business Alchemy came to me as a way to help as many people as possible, which meant small businesses and their owners.

“Applying the Law of Attraction to business, I came up with the formula for Business Alchemy which is designed to change the energy of a company from failure to success:

  1. Honestly assess the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats with the business owners
  2. Provide interactive tools and exercises which memorialize these and more in a set of unique, Snapshot documents
  3. Act as a sounding board for questions and issues during the period set aside to change the owners’ habits, preferably 90 days
  4. Be an “accountability buddy” for owners as they seek to change their behaviors and as a result what their companies put out into the world.

“I believe that it is a disservice to company owners, employees, customers and the world to continue to keep the process a secret. With that in mind, I developed the BizCrashCourse to provide professional services to small companies that will literally transform them into successes in as little as 90 days.

“The BizCrashCourse has been designed to help small businesses and their owners change the energy coming off of them and generate professional documents that are Big Company business planning tools.  With a Strategic Plan, Tactical Plan, Snapshot Business Plan and Sales Strategy, BizCrashCourse is a 4-module, 90-day process designed to “alchemize” a business by changing the way it views itself, the messages it gives to its employees and customers and what it puts out into the world.  With 6 individual 30 minute consultations with me, this interactive program leaves the business owner completely transformed and with fully customized, complete Plans that reflect the new state of their small business.”

Contact:    Shamin Wise, Publicist
Tel:  800.431.1258  ext. 5

Lisa A. Broderick, MBA
Tel:  212-750-6493
245 Park Avenue  24th Floor New York, NY  10167

“I needed to start a new business right away so I could leave my job and fulfill my dreams.  Lisa helped me with my business plan.”
– Lidia Tivichi, founder, Maris Dusan

“My business went from “stuck” to “soaring” in a few months.”
– Shelley Landau, founder, ReadyCFO


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